How to cure Prostatitis at home

the treatment of Prostatitis

This disease, such as Prostatitis is exclusively a male Problem. The Prostatitis develops on the background of the defeat of the prostate infection. Some believe that the disease develops only in Mature men between age-related changes. It is not absolutely so. The risk of Prostatitis increases since the beginning of active sexual life. Bacterial Prostatitis, non-bacterial, acute, chronic, asymptomatic can. Each of the types treatable in the early stages, Successful treatment of Prostatitis in men, in the home. How to do it yourself with home remedies?

What Prostatitis is?

Prostatitis called inflammation of the prostate gland. Reasons to such inflammation very much. The primary cause of the disease is a contagious defeat of the gland. To provoke inflammation can different bacteria: Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella, singola coli, enterobacter. It is worth noting that these micro-organisms in the microflora of each person. Only in favorable conditions, and their active propagation, what is pathology is.

how to treat Prostatitis

Also on the development of Prostatitis, the following factors have:

  • Irregular Sexual Life;
  • Overly active sex life;
  • The presence of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • A lack of exercise;
  • Bad Habits;
  • The wrong diet.

In particular, a lack of exercise and irregular provoke Sex stagnant processes in the organs of the small pelvis. Due to the Stagnation of semen and blood, an inflammation develops. Also, the flow of blood in the organs of the small pelvis is disturbed, and due to some chronic diseases, such as atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, obesity, Diabetes mellitus, dysfunction of the thyroid gland and the endocrine system.

Prostatitis is a pretty serious Problem. And not postpone the treatment of inflammation. Because on the background of chronic Prostatitis, adenoma and prostate cancer often develops. In addition, the disease leads to impotence. Detect Prostatitis is not difficult. So, if a man gets up in the night in the toilet more than once, there is a reason to see a doctor. Frequent urination, the feeling is not constant bladder pain, painful urination are the main symptoms of the inflammation of the prostate gland.

Everything else, the symptoms, added to the decline in sexual activity, a weak, insufficient erection, premature ejaculation. Often men with Prostatitis complain of pain. The pain spreads to the area of the scrotum, testicles, lower abdomen, back, hips. Sometimes there is pain in the Anal hole during a bowel movement. The treatment of Prostatitis needs to be done promptly. The treatment of Prostatitis folk medicine possible. But in any case, even people's therapy requires a prior advice from a qualified physician.

The treatment of Prostatitis main

How to treat Prostatitis at home? For a long time, various plants, herbs for the treatment of diseases of the urogenital system in men. These funds are well suited for the prevention of Prostatitis. The oldest and proven method of therapy of the inflammation of the prostate gland is the home of seeds the use of pumpkin. The use of this product is due to the high concentrations of zinc. Zinc is extremely important for the male body of any age. It takes an active role in the production of testosterone, improves the blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Therefore, pumpkin seeds can relieve and protect the prostate gland of Stagnation.

To the relief of the symptoms of the disease to eat 30 seeds costs a day before each meal. Exactly, this amount will help fill the daily dose of zinc for the male organism. Very tasty and easy to digest, the special agent from the pumpkin seeds is. So 0.5 kg is needed Grind in a meat grinder peeled not roasted seeds. In this mass are still a useful product for the male organism is honey. Enough 200 G of honey, Medium, mixed, and rolled small balls. Such useful balls must be stored in the refrigerator, eat and 1 Ball two times a day, one half hour before the meal.

Aspen Bark

For the therapy of Prostatitis in men, in the domestic uses and the bark of the aspen. Effective against Prostatitis of the bark you can cook only in the spring. The fact that the use of the bark must wasp just in time, where the first buds and shoots of bloom on her. So it's not worth it to collect the bark of the thickness more than 5 mm, dry in the oven. After complete drying, 100 G of raw material crushed and added to 200 ml of vodka. The Tool is since 2 weeks in a dark, cool place. More a tincture is filtered, and you used 20 drops three times a day. This is the dosage in 50 G of water is allowed. The rate of such national treatment is 2-3 months.

Leaves and bark of hazelnut

Data ingredients separately welded. The bark of the plant prowariwajetsja twice as long as the leaves. For 1 tablespoon of leaves in 1 Cup of water. Two of broth mixed with a lid, and infused for half an hour. The medium is filtered, and, after 80-100 G 4 times per day. For the preparation of this medium to better the young leaves and the bark use. Also, populists argue that the same raw materials to brew several times. Men, you will experience the drug on himself, claim that the characteristics of Prostatitis disappear after 1-1,5 weeks.


As Folk and traditional medicine has proved that only fresh juices to promote the excretion of urea, uric acid from the body. And this can substantially reduce the inflammation to reduce, improve the patient's condition. Exactly uric acid, being absorbed in the pelvic floor muscles, and provokes different diseases of the prostate. Therefore recommend drinking during the day up to 0.5 L of fresh juice. Of particular use is the difference between such juices:

  • Cucumber;
  • Asparagus;
  • Beet;
  • Carrots.

For the male use of the body is different and pear compote. For the treatment of Prostatitis, it is better to have a product without sugar. But, ripe pear, and has enough of the sweet pleasant taste. Effective against Prostatitis in men the juice from the berries of the elder is black.Also, the treating doctor may advise you drink every morning after waking up to a glass of distilled water. And after 10 minutes, then drink a glass of juice of elderberry. The therapy lasts a minimum of 2 weeks. Is the Tool active for the treatment of chronic Prostatitis.

For the improvement of the condition of the prostate, used the juice of parsley. It is rich in vitamins A and C. you can eat fresh parsley juice need 1 tablespoon three times a day before meals. In addition, you can simply cook the broths from the seeds of this herb. The seeds to a powder ground. 4 spoons of powder pour a glass of water. In the medium to boiling minutes at a low heat for 10-15. Eat Drink 1 tablespoon up to 6 times a day.


For the treatment of Prostatitis in men of various medicinal herbs can. It is very important that all the proportions. Because many herbs are poisonous, and if you exceed the dosage intoxication can cause. The therapy of the inflammation of the prostate gland is done with the help of celandine and Hemlock. Preparation of the medium is carried out as follows:

  • Mix 0.5 tablespoons of Hemlock and celandine;
  • Pour 150 Grams Of Vodka;
  • In a dark place;
  • Infuse for 10 days;
  • Drain.

Tincture on an empty stomach in the morning. Only 2 drops of medium dissolve in a glass of milk or clean water. With each passing day the number of drops increases by one. So most days it takes up to thirty. After that, the Countdown begins, the number of drops decreases. Well, a decoction made from the roots of burdock is proven.

Herbal treatment of Prostatitis

Often for the therapy of Prostatitis Lisja used birch and horsetail. 70 G of the mixture with 0.5 liters of boiling water, and 10 minutes to be cooked. It is important to insist the Tool for an hour, all the useful properties of the plants opened. Strain broth, in the course of the day. Some men claim that in the fight against Prostatitis you the tincture of the leaves of the simple Kalanchoe helped.

Requires 1 Cup Of Leaves Pour 0.5 Liters Of Vodka. The middle 5 days infused. Drink recommend 1 teaspoon per day. To improve as soon as the health of the patient, costs the eat 1 teaspoon of agent per week. Overall, this phytotherapy is considered to be the most effective. Because many medicines for Prostatitis on the basis of herbs and plants.

Other methods of treatment of Prostatitis at home

Many believe that the treatment of the disease at home, the use of only herbs, tinctures, is. In the treatment of inflammation of the prostate is important, the complex approach. And some of the tinctures, often, little. Also, you should not exclusively on national medicine. The maximum effect will be achieved only in combination of the traditional and folk medicine. And only the doctor can advise the appropriate herbal medicine. In the treatment of Prostatitis, simple medicines are in short supply. Your diet should change, you begin to lead an active life.


For starters, you need to master the basic exercises, which will improve the inflammation, Stagnation, the flow of blood in the organs of the small pelvis. Improve the condition of the prostate, regular walks, walking can. As soon as the body becomes accustomed to such burdens, to foot you can replace it by Jogging. At home, you can exercise this:

  • The man takes a Position;
  • The hands along the body;
  • Alternately, the climbs are to the knees;
  • When lifting the king's meadow, it is important, as you press on the belly.

High efficiency in the treatment of male diseases have a well-known exercise "Bicycle" and "birch". Increases in the basin simply do not have the possibility of Stagnation of the blood, to give them form. You have the opportunity to visit the gyms, the swimming pool. But not to daily Cardio-straining exercises. Enough to practice in the hall 3-4 times per week. And here is the home page of exercises should be made.


Very often, in complex with various drugs, herbs suppozitoriami it is the doctors and prescribe against Prostatitis. It is important, were recall, that is the acute Form of Prostatitis is a contraindication for massage. Also among the contraindications to the implementation of the Manipulation is to the cracks of the rectum, hemorrhoids, constipation. In all other cases, the Massage is only benefit. Massage can be both at home and in the hospital. You can ask the doctor about the technique of execution These methods require for the rearing of Stagnation of the seminal fluid. Consequently, during the procedure, the urethra, the highlighting is a few drops of the secret.

Bathroom Procedures

A warm bath with chamomile allow you to eliminate pain and pull back. Also, the plant is homeopathically a calming effect on the nervous system, which is very important with such a serious disease, such as Prostatitis. 10-15 minutes to evaporate the sink in warm chamomile, simply switch on the shower. To direct the water jet in the area of the scrotum, the testicles, the prostate. In this case, the hot water goes cold. This contrasting hot tub will be a positive influence on the inflamed prostate.

Bee products

For a long time honey and Propolis as a panacea of all diseases. And Prostatitis is no exception. For the treatment of the disease eat daily a tablespoon of honey in the morning before Breakfast. In the course of time, the work of the entire urogenital system, improve the inflammation eliminate, recover full potency. Use and Pollen has. It is recommended, three times a day before meals a teaspoon of.

Efficiently may be referred to and the alcohol tincture of Propolis. Enough 35 drops of tincture diluted in 100 ml of boiled water. The means of drink three times a day for half an hour before meals. Such treatment in the home course is 45 days. Often doctors prescribe the use of suppositories on the Basis of Propolis. They are made to order only and have a high degree of efficiency. Candles from Propolis has a variety of positive feedback from men with Prostatitis. In the rule, to cure Prostatitis at home is quite realistic. Especially when all the options from the treating doctor approves.