Treatment of Prostatitis at home

Different means for each Person to use effectively. But experts agree that the treatment of Prostatitis folk remedies can be very productive. In addition, in-home therapy is a comprehensive approach to the solution of problems with the prostate gland. Restoration of the health of men, promote recipes, tried and tested.

What is Prostatitis

The prostate is an important Organ of the man, the size and shape is reminiscent of walnut and chestnut. Thanks to its activity, produces a fluid that gives sperm the ability to eat and move to achieve your goals – egg. Prostatitis – an inflammation of the prostate, it is determined by various factors. In most cases, the reason for the development of this disease infections.

One distinguishes several types of Prostatitis, some infectious nature, others by bacteria. In any case, the treatment is carried out through taking antibiotics and natural remedies is a must-have addition to the basic therapy.

The main treatment will be more effective if it is combined with the conventional therapy prescribed by your doctor.

The treatment of folk medicine

Therapy home remedies acute and chronic Prostatitis possible. The most popular recipes and recommendations in this direction include making physical activity and application of useful products for the male.

  1. Exercise

  2. In the treatment of Prostatitis a major focus for the regular conduct of the exercise. Classes play a major role on the way to recovery, along with proper diet and other methods. The use of the physical strain due to their influence on the blood circulation of the whole organism, especially in the pelvic area. Therapeutic activities benefit:

    • Strengthen the walls of blood vessels;
    • Improves the function of the nervous system;
    • Reduce the intensity of the inflammation;
    • They increase the tone of the body.

    A series of exercises for the prevention of Prostatitis

    For better results special complex of exercises with descriptions. Great use bow to bring the simplest of activities: Jogging, abdominal exercises, walking, and knee.

    Important the plant is to consistently and regularly. The most effective exercises for the elimination of Stagnation in the pelvic area, the easy to perform at home, are the following:

    1. Breathing exercises. Deep through the belly went to heated seats in the front, then exhale with pressure, the abdomen is drawn in. 5-10 repetitions in the positions of standing, sitting and lying down.
    2. Retraction of the rectum, to remain in this state for 10 seconds. Up to 20 times.
    3. Jump. Just exercise a about 100 jumps, until the fatigue to be felt in the legs.
    4. Standing on one leg, the other to lift and swing them in different directions. Then the switch leg, each run no less than 50 steps.
    5. A good way to get rid of the problems with the prostate twine just. The feet slide to the sides until you feel the tension, but do not overdo it is not worth it.
    6. Sitting on the floor, legs stretched out, move forward and backwards on the buttocks. A total of 50 of such steps.
    7. You do not less than 100 revolutions in the side of PI feet shoulder-apart, wide, and tilts to the side, backward and forward.
    8. Lying on the belly, put a small Ball and roll it with a belly-to-not less than 5 minutes, it is a great Massage for the internal organs.
    9. To do sitting on the floor with your legs straight, lift until you get to the socks. If it is, then the tips of the hands to hold, stay on for 3-4 seconds. 20-repeat times.

    These simple exercises also apply to the prevention of Prostatitis.

  3. Pumpkin seeds in the treatment of Prostatitis

  4. The most popular product for the treatment of Prostatitis folk medicine, the pumpkin is. About the amazing properties of the seeds is legendary, they are already used in ancient times for the treatment of male diseases. The whole thing in their unique composition, in the list of the advantages of the use of pumpkin seeds contain and the solution of problems with the prostate gland.

    Pumpkin seeds for Prostatitis

    In comparison to other useful products (e.g., source of zinc semen can be oysters), accessible to everyone. Enough at the first signs of Prostatitis eat up to 30 seeds per day. Useful you are for the ongoing treatment of chronic Prostatitis. Also for the prevention of diseases of the prostate.

    Pumpkin seeds – not the only remedy for Prostatitis, are treated bulbs with the help of honey, or pumpkin seed oil.

    A sweet delicacy prepared simply at home, kg of seed in the meat grinder conveyor belt Hack and with a glass of honey mix. From the mass of balls will be formed of the size of a walnut, which will be stored in the refrigerator. Before eating once a day 1-2 eat of such balls, they must be thoroughly chewed. Important: the seeds must be fresh, to clean the bowl.

    Pumpkin seed oil is obtained by cold pressing. It should take three times daily 1 teaspoon, or added to salads. For the heat treatment, it is not suitable for the high temperatures kill most of the nutrients. With pumpkin seed oil, you can do micro-enema, compresses with cotton swabs, a course of 10 treatments. For the treatment you need is 0.5 l.

  5. Shilajit and Prostatitis

  6. The solution to the question of how to cure the Prostatitis, can not ignore, this is a unique tool, like a mummy.

    Mumijo is used in the following recipes:

    1. With Carrot Juice. This Tool helps the main symptoms of inflammation in a relatively short period of time, according to the reviews, in the first ten days after treatment you should drink two times a day half an hour after the meal, a glass of freshly squeezed juice with dissolved in it stocks – up to 200 ml fluid 0.2 G mummy. For 20 days the number of the Shilajit is doubled – to a glass of juice and 0.4 G of medium.
    2. Take the means you can, with the juice of the sea buckthorn. The composition is similar to carrot juice preparing. The Dröge takes before bedtime and before each meal during the day for half an hour. In a glass of juice, 0.3 G of the mummy dissolved.
    3. Honey-yolk mixture, 0.2 G mummy, a tablespoon of liquid honey and a few drops of sea buckthorn oil is from the 1 egg yolk. Each time, the composition should, it will not be saved. Will have to go on an empty stomach 3 times daily and at bedtime.
  7. Garlic against Prostatitis

  8. This spicy, aromatic spice is used in the treatment of many diseases that vessels, favors the extension of the blood, reduces the development of tumors, an important garlic is in the treatment and care of male potency. It should add in the diet for the prevention of Prostatitis, to toes sufficient Gösta lunch to eat 2-3 garlic with hot food. If the smell of garlic bothers you, it is easy to neutralize lemon.

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    For the treatment of the following compositions:

    1. 4 large cloves of garlic crushed and sapariwajut 3 cups of boiling water. Leave the mixture for the night. To drink in the morning on an empty stomach Cup, a similar process takes place in the evening before going to bed. The infusions in the course of the month.
    2. Useful in milk with garlic, a decoction of a Cup of hot water and a tablespoon of crushed spices, cooking should be the composition within minutes, after a bit of pulling, strain and drink during the day, before a meal, 2 tablespoons.
    3. Alkoxide inflammation good relieve. It is prepared from 400 G of fresh product and 0.5 Liter of alcohol, let the mixture in a dark place. Take 20 drops daily in the morning and in the evening.
    4. Vitamin composition consisting of 0.5 liters of honey, lemon, and garlic to the same parts in a meat grinder crushed and mixed. Then it will be removed within 7 days. Consume weight to three times a day before meals for 2-3 teaspoon.
    5. For the destruction of germs and bacteria, garlic juice can be used. It squeezed from 20 large cloves and mix with the sugar, 20 teaspoons. For the resolution of the mixture is filled with water and heated, you must bring it to the boil. According to the fact strain and use 4 times a day for one tablespoon.

    According to the experts, the role of garlic in the treatment of Prostatitis, but, not so easy. Its properties can be inflammation, improve blood circulation. But if the disease is due to a pebble, from the garlic use.

  9. Bee products and lip balms

  10. Honey is considered to be one of the most powerful remedy for Prostatitis, it can be used in pure Form or in candles from it. Used for the treatment and Pollen, apply it on an empty stomach a tablespoon three times a day. In addition to the anti-inflammatory effect, this effect homeopath adds to the whole organism, by which useful substances.

    Effective treatment of bees wax Pomeranian, he is with 0.5 Liter of cold water. The mixture is heated and the quiet heat and cook for 2 hours. Decoction, you drink a tablespoon three times a day, the combination of the use of honey can. Is stored the resulting funds in the refrigerator.

    Anti-bacterial properties and Propolis. At its base is alkoxide, 40 drops dissolved in 0.5 cups of water. Drink before meals, the duration of intake – 45 days.

    With the addition of Propolis candles to prepare, is an excellent remedy for hemorrhoids. 40 G of Propolis dissolved in a glass of pure alcohol and evaporates up to the extract. Then 0.1 G of medium rolls mixed with 2 G of cocoa butter, from this composition candle, it should go to insert in the rectum before bedtime. The course is 30 days, repeat after a 4-6-week break.

    Made with honey and rye flour, candles, suppositories, 3 tablespoons of cooked mixed with honey and egg, shaping the dough. Pillars are not be thicker than 1 cm, they are in the morning and evening after a bowel movement. Course – 1 month, repeated after a week if necessary.

    On the basis of products of beekeeping and Altai Mumijo published balsams series

  11. Dietary supplements for the prevention of Prostatitis

Under dietary supplements, there are two main types:

  1. Extract of the berries of the saw Palmetto
  2. The berries of saw Palmetto, guarantee the normal work of the prostate, as well as:

    • has a positive effect on the prostate;
    • a positive effect on the urinary System.
    • Prevention and treatment of impotence;
    • has a positive effect on the urinary System.
  3. Other supplements, based on extact, saw Palmetto berries, containing necessary minerals for men trace elements

About the reasons of occurrence of Prostatitis

To decide before the question of how the treatment of prostate cancer, you need to understand the causes for their emergence. If the reason for the development of the disease, not the infection, is the determining factor for its creation of the congestion in the pelvic area.

This phenomenon can provoke:

  • Bad Habits;
  • Hormonal Changes;
  • Sedentary life style;
  • Low physical activity;
  • Duration of stress;
  • Low Immunity;
  • Under cooling.

The infectious character of the disease, the by a hit in the prostate infections of the bladder, rectum, blood, or lymphatic system.

Change Lifestyle

To change as the main causes of the development of diseases of the prostate, is a bad diet and bad habits is the first step on the path to a healthy life life style. At the first signs of Prostatitis, and after the treatment, you should follow certain rules in the diet. As there is often a special therapeutic diet that contains the following principles.

Rejection of products with high extract, which is liquor with ethyl alcohol in the composition, sharp and salty, smoked and canned products, sausage products, marinades and Pickles, carbonated drinks, fast Food and Snacks, production of sauces. These products irritate the mucous membranes, they are poorly digested and result in the body to an accumulation of fluid and salts. It is the appearance of edema, constipation and Stagnation of urine, so that it is difficult the treatment of Prostatitis.

The diet should be foods rich in vitamins and minerals. It is fresh and fruit, as without it heat-treated, destroyed, the useful chemical elements and reduces their nutritional value. It is important to ensure that in the body of Vitamin C, found in large quantities in berries, rose hips, citrus fruits, gooseberries, black currants.

In the menu should have foods with fat-soluble vitamins A and E, rich in oil and fish, B-vitamins, high in their content in cereals, bread from wheat flour. In inflammatory processes of the body iron, and zinc needs, the organization of the work of the sexual organs. They are rich in the meat of animals, walnuts, fish, and celery.

Important decision in the case of aggravation of Prostatitis Smoking cessation. It is necessary to understand how nicotine homeopath deterioration on the body, it promotes the production of the male hormone testosterone, is the work of the prostate, reduces the venous return flow in the organs of the small pelvis. This causes the development of diseases, including Prostatitis. According to researches of scientists proved that Smoking increases the risk of diseases in men after the age of 35.

Full to live with Prostatitis, there can be no judgment. It is important to have a healthy and active lifestyle, give up bad habits and limit the effects of Stress. And proper prevention can significantly reduce the risk of disease.