The main symptoms of Prostatitis

Approximately every second man aged 50 years first-Hand know what Prostatitis. This disease is an inflammatory process in the tissues of the prostate. In the result of a malfunction of the urogenital system. The symptoms of Prostatitis in men are very specific. To prevent complications, people recommended more than 35 years, take place regularly, a medical examination, which can detect the possibility of the disease in an early stage.

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Causes of the disease

The basis for the development of Prostatitis is infection. Inflammation of the prostate gland Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia coli and other microorganisms are always present in the human body can trigger. However, as long as the immune system works, without crashing, you are in no danger. But to increase as soon as there is a decrease in the body's own defenses, their number starts strong, leading to the development of inflammation. However, it is not necessary to bump in a panic-all fixable.

The main reasons for the development of Prostatitis in men

The development of the disease provoke are in of location, also other factors:

  1. Urogenital infections, including those with cancer to be sexually transmitted, etc.). This, combined with the fact that the prostate in the interaction with other organs of the urogenital system.
  2. Blood-Stasis. In men, the can call way of life sitting, in the pelvic area stagnant processes can occur, what is a precipitating factor to the development of pathogenic microorganisms. You can then penetrate into the prostate of the man and lead to inflammation.
  3. Frequent Constipation. Prostate attaches itself to the intestine. If it's stagnant processes of the disturbed vascular permeability and the blood stream. In the case of constipation, a fecal mass are long in the rectum, so that all the toxins and degradation products are able to enter the blood stream. This often causes an inflammatory process.
  4. Accumulation of the seminal fluid. No Sex is able to lead to a Stagnation of blood in the pelvic area. This leads to the death of the sperm, and chronic inflammatory process.
  5. The presence of a man of any chronic diseases, because caries is able to provoke an inflammation in the prostate.

Types of Prostatitis

Inflammation of the prostate divided into 4 categories:

  • Sharp.
  • Chronic.
  • Asimptomaticheskiy the chronic.
  • Chronic Prostatitis of bacterial origin.

Sharp view only rarely diagnosed and associated with a bacterial infection, the is always severe. The Patient appears in acute pain, the body temperature rises, the weakness of the body. Visual inspection shows an increase in the size of the prostate. This type of the disease requires an urgent treatment, because various complications can cause.

Chronic nature of the disease associated with constant pain, interferes with the Person longer than 3 months in a row. The analysis of the urine in this case shows the presence of pathogenic microorganisms.

Asimptomaticheskiy the type of Prostatitis has virtually no characteristic signs and symptoms. To detect examination or treatment obtained in the regular control to a doctor for another disease.

Chronic bacterial Prostatitis character usually associated with the active development of Escherichia coli. This can contribute to the reduction of the body's own defenses, the operations of the organs of the small pelvis, the presence of the source of the infection. This type of disease is a slow, and its symptoms are similar with the Manifestation of the acute Form of inflammation.

Common symptoms of the disease

The first signs of Prostatitis in men can be the following:

  1. Reduced Libido can as the first Symptom, the presence of inflammation in the prostate. Erection in a healthy man should encounter, every morning. Prostatitis can be characterized in that they occur irregularly, or not at all to be present. This man may notice that the Penis will not be able to be firm enough for sexual intercourse. The seminal fluid is a liquid and muddy.
  2. Urge to urinate during the night. A healthy person will not Wake up in the night to go to the toilet. The Patient has a sensation of incomplete emptying can interfere with. So, the disease in the initial phase.
  3. The pain, which about half of all patients with Prostatitis. You have a nagging and focuses in the area of the small pelvis. Pain may occur when urinating or ejaculating. All complaints that occur in men in this area are the reason for the visit to the doctor.

It is only the first symptoms of Prostatitis, which is inherent in any type of disease.

Among the other symptoms:

  • Discomfort during bowel movements.
  • A burning sensation in the area of the perineum and the urethra.
  • Fatigue.
  • Psychological anxiety and Depression.
  • In the urine you can see, slimy threads.

These symptoms are of secondary importance and depends on the type and the degree of Prostatitis, possibly changing clinic.

Symptoms of acute Prostatitis

Acute inflammation of the prostate, with the typical signs of a poisoning:

  1. The high temperature.
  2. The feeling of cold.
  3. Headaches and joint pain.
  4. Loss of appetite.
  5. Sleep disorders.
  6. Increased Sweating.
  7. Fever.

The development of an acute inflammation, viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms can cause. Such pathogens can be in every organism present. In the case of the proper working of the immune system, all of the pathogens, immunity suppressed. But in cases where this protection is reduced is, the infection begins to develop actively, which ultimately leads to inflammation.

The risk of the acute type of the disease, not infrequently, is the development of infertility, impotence and can an abscess develop in the course of time, the chronic Form of Prostatitis can lead to inflammation of the testicles and prostate.

Each Prostatitis in men can be a reason for the formation of benign tumors (adenomas) and malignant tumors of the prostate (carcinoma). Therefore, it is important to note, at least one of the symptoms of Prostatitis, immediately consult a doctor.

Symptoms of prostate adenoma.

More about the acute Form of the disease, the doctor of the highest category, the urologist told-andrologist Alexei Kornienko:

How to determine Prostatitis-and-white any doctor-urologist. It leads to a rectal examination, sending the patient to ultrasound, Computer or nuclear spin tomography, and the analysis of blood and urine.

For the diagnosis, doctor, enough rectal examination. Analyses and further studies are necessary to determine what is Prostatitis provoked in men. This will help decide how to treat the inflammation of the prostate gland of the patient. Each kind of disease requires a specific treatment. For example, in the case of the acute process, banned some physiotherapy.

The symptoms of bacterial Prostatitis

The reason for the development of this type of inflammation of the prostate, are disease-causing bacteria. The symptoms of the disease in this case is identical to celebrating with those of the man in the case of an acute Prostatitis. This is due to the fact that the type of bacterial inflammation that often is the reason for the transition of the disease into a chronic Form, the periods of exacerbation.

The treatment in this case must be comprehensive. It would be in the appointment of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs, prostate Massage, physiotherapy and the application of the methods of traditional medicine.

Due to the fact that, in connection with each of the infections (Tonsillitis, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Osteomyelitis, etc.), the development of the inflammatory process in the prostate gland, the patients after recovery is recommended to go to the visit to the urologist, and the desired survey, which will give the opportunity to identify the disease in the initial phase.

In the case of Prostatitis caused by bacteria, the most important treatment consists in the determination of the antibiotic therapy. This treatment makes it possible not only to quickly pathogens get rid of, but also to prevent the development of complications. The most important is the timely treatment to the doctor, because it is the negligent attitude to health, is the main reason for the development of a chronic disease.

Very important is the treatment even after the disappearance of the symptoms of inflammation of the prostate gland is still. Because in 90% of cases of chronic Prostatitis, the reason lies precisely in under-served disease.

Symptoms of chronic Prostatitis

Chronic, or as it is also called abakterialniy Prostatitis is not associated with the bacteria. Its main causes are stagnant processes in the small pelvis (Stagnation of blood, seminal fluid) or a noticeable lack of zinc in the body of a man. This is an important Element for the health of men, normalizes production of sex hormones, improve the potency and reproductive function, protects the prostate from diseases.

In addition to the General symptoms of Prostatitis, at the time of his abacterial Form, aching pain in the lower abdomen, the groin or the perineum. Often these sensations are apply on the back and coccyx. The pain may upset the patient for a long time.

Therapy, a doctor will be the use of anti-inflammatory and hormonal agents, Alpha-blockers, and of herbal remedies. In addition, prostate Massage and various physiotherapy treatments ordered.

The symptoms of asymptomatic Prostatitis

In man the symptoms of Prostatitis in this case is missing. So it is usually already in the later stages, when the disease can led to an increase in the size of the body, and significant impairment of the water. Help to identify its clinical and bacterial urine examination, where the doctor can see a large number of leukocytes and the presence of bacteria. Due to the fact that this type of disease is not manifest, it very often leads to the emergence of the chronic Form.

To know how the Prostatitis manifests itself in the initial stage, a man is important to pay attention to the nightly urge to urinate, and the violation of morning erection.

The treatment of chronic Prostatitis

In this case, the Schema of the treatment largely depends on the stage of the disease. If there was trouble, then the therapy is similar to that which is prescribed in case of bacterial Prostatitis.

For the Remission is characterized by such symptoms:

  • Regular, but short-term pain, moved mostly in nature.
  • Disturbances of urination (pain,frequent urination, etc.).
  • The development of the Depression, violation of the Psycho-emotional state.

A uniform opinion about the treatment of the chronic Phase of Prostatitis is no. Therefore, the doctor to focus on existing symptoms and prescribe drugs, which help to normalize the condition of the patient.

On questions about the treatment of the doctor of medical Sciences Borisov Vladimir VIKTOROVICH answers:

Approximate scheme of treatment of chronic Prostatitis:

  1. The appointment of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  2. Use of drugs, the outflow of blood and lymph from the inflamed area.
  3. Intake of immune modulators, which reduces to the decrease of the swelling, the likelihood of thrombosis, improve the blood circulation.
  4. Sedatives and antidepressants and sexual dysfunction help.
  5. For the improvement of blood circulation and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, the Patient gymnastics, physiotherapy (electrophoresis, UHF -, microwaves, hyperthermia, etc.), shows sick.

The prevention of Prostatitis

In order to prevent the exacerbation of the disease, men faced with the diagnosis of Prostatitis, you must engage in prevention. The most important preventive measures are:

  • The avoidance of harmful habits (Smoking, alcohol abuse). To limit if abstaining from alcohol is not possible, then at least the number. The drink allowed no more than 1 glass of quality red wine per day. If we talk about Smoking, this bad habit leads to disruption of blood circulation due to the temporary spazmirovannah vessels. So, prostate lack of oxygen can experience or get less nutrients needed. Also in the case of heavy smokers often increases the pressure that provoke inflammation of the prostate can.
  • You need to lead an active life style.
  • The possibility of Stress. To do this, you can do Auto-Training, to consult with a psychologist. Not less important is the variety of work and leisure. Active weekend to spend together with family or friends. It is an excellent prevention of depression.
  • You can avoid hypothermia and in a timely manner, all of the cold and treat disease.
  • It is important to note that excessive physical stress can be not less dangerous than lack of exercise.

For the General strengthening of the male body, it is necessary:

  1. Daily morning exercises to perform. It can easily run or just light exercise. This rule is especially true for those whose work requires you to sit all day in one Position (work in the office).
  2. To improve the health of hot and cold showers helps. Such a procedure is homeopathic to the whole organism and, in particular, on the prostate.
  3. Rewarding is a visit to the baths. But it is important to remember that after leaving the steam with cold water.
  4. You need to be Able to enrich the diet of fresh, nuts, sunflower seeds, honey, herbs. However, to limit the need for, or even abandon, marinated dishes, and sauces.
  5. Important is a sex life, avoid unprotected Sex or ejaculation to delay.

To avoid the development of Prostatitis and related complications, each man about 35 years of age are monitored regularly required and identify the symptoms of the disease, consult a doctor.