Treatment of prostatitis at home: how not to hurt yourself?

man studying information about prostatitis

prostatitis- the collective name of a whole group of diseases in which there is an acute or chronic inflammation of the prostate. Stress, physical inactivity (sedentary work, lack of exercise), bacterial infections are the main causes of prostatitis, but not the only ones. Playing an important role: the psychosomatic factor and individual predisposition, so in recent years the treatment of prostatitis with the help of technology has been seriously considered.gene editing(gene editing) as stated in the current study.

It is important to correctly determine the type of prostatitis and its cause - 90% of the success of treatment depends on it and how quickly a man recovers. Acute prostatitis requires urgent medical attention. If the disease is caused by stagnant processes in the tissues of the prostate (a sedentary lifestyle, irregular sex), such prostatitis can be treated at home. However, we once again emphasize that all the activities that we will consider in this article cannot replace the competent individually selected recommendations of a urologist, but can only improve the quality of life. In the medical classification there are more than 50 types of prostatitis: if in bacterial inflammation of the prostate it is appropriate to fight the disease with a course of antibiotics, in other cases this leads to the fact that the man will lose time and the bodyinto a state of high susceptibility to other diseases. Let's find out.

Symptoms of prostate inflammation in men

Symptoms of prostate inflammation

Prostatitis refers to diseases that can develop in early stagesasymptomatic. Then the man can visually determine a suspicious enlargement of the prostate. The urge to urinate occurs more frequently, while there is incomplete emptying of the bladder, pain, and decreased libido. Prostatitis even changes the character - from active, cheerful and self-confident a man becomes anxious and depressed.

It is important not to neglect the help of a urologist, competently prescribed therapy. Sometimes it is necessary to conduct tests to differentiate infectious prostatitis and identify the causative agent containing Pseudomonas aeruginosa (E. coli and P. aeruginosa), enterococci, staphylococci (E. fecalis and S. spp), enterobacteria (Enterobacteriaceae), Candida can be fungus (Candida ) as well as sexually transmitted infections (herpes, HPV). Immediately after this, it becomes clear which agent and what to fight. Therefore, after the initial consultation with a urologist, it is recommended to start treating prostatitis at home.

Common symptoms of prostatitis

  • Enlargement of the prostate.
  • Pain and discomfort in the prostate - results from compression of the nerve endings by the enlarged prostate tissue.
  • Problems with urination, painful urination, urinary retention with a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder - often leads to disturbed sleep, a man cannot fully relax.
  • Sexual dysfunction - occurs as a result.

Symptoms of acute prostatitis

Everything is the same, but the clinical picture is more pronounced:

  • Severe pain in the groin and prostate – may radiate to other parts of the body such as the lower back.
  • High temperature.

Acute infectious prostatitis requires urgent medical attention.Problems with urination up to its complete cessation lead to intoxication of the body. And such a complication as a prostate abscess requires surgical intervention.

Causes of prostatitis

It is important to understand what causes prostatitis in order to determine its type and choose the appropriate treatment. Many options:

  • Bacterial infection (Pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococci);
  • viral infection (herpes);
  • STIs, STDs (chlamydia, gonococci);
  • Reduced testosterone levels - leads to frequent exacerbations of the disease;
  • hypodynamia (syndrome of a programmer, manager);
  • Psychosomatic disorders: chronic stress, dissatisfaction, disappointment;
  • The frequency of sexual intercourse - prolonged abstinence leads to stagnant processes in the tissues of the prostate.

At the same time, according to the dataNCBI, unprotected sex (without family life), excessive sexual activity, frequent change of partners equally provoke the development of prostatitis.

Acute infectious prostatitisassociated with bacterial or viral infection, STIs.

Chronic prostate inflammation- is associated with bacterial inflammation of the prostate or is the result of long, sluggish inflammation in the tissues. Prostatitis becomes chronic and occasionally remembers itself as a result of illiteracy or delayed treatment.

It is important to distinguish between prostatitis andprostate adenomasThese diseases are often confused. If the basis of prostatitis is an inflammatory process, then prostate adenoma is benign prostatic hyperplasia, which primarily leads to a violation of urination.

Treatment of prostatitis at home

Mild nonbacterial prostatitis is treatable with lifestyle changes. Only a urologist, after studying the history and medical history, can select any medication, if necessary. Today, various over-the-counter prostatitis medications are advertised as often as manicures, shampoos, and eye patches. Be careful - prostatitis is still a serious disease, a serious complication of which is prostate abscess and male infertility. If you do not know what to treat for a long time, time can be wasted.

prostate massage

Typically, such a massage is performed by a urologist on an outpatient basis - a special massage technique for prostatitis is taught in medical universities and advanced training courses, therefore the effectiveness of this conservative method is quite high - the patient feels better after 1 session, and the course relieves pathological symptoms.

If there is no opportunity to see a urologist, which is especially important now, during the period of quarantine isolation you can try to do external prostate massage yourself. It is important to do this carefully and carefully. External prostate massage is less effective than rectal massage, but if done correctly and regularly, it helps to reduce stagnant processes in the tissues and improve blood circulation.

The massage is performed manually with gentle circular movements without strong pressure. Additionally, you can use a special massager or roll a tennis ball for 20-30 minutes.

In order for massage at home to have a beneficial effect on prostatitis and not cause harm, it is important to know the location of the prostate and be sure to take it into accountcontraindications!

Prostate massage should not be performed with:

  • acute prostatitis;
  • signs of malignant processes;
  • The presence of cysts and stones in the prostate.

Before that, you can consult a urologist.

Exercise for prostatitis

physical therapy

Usually, patients with prostatitis undergo special physiotherapy in a medical institution on an outpatient basis. However, if there are no other contraindications (from the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system), some exercises can be done at home:

squats- the most effective exercise that restores blood flow to the pelvic organs. You can squat with weights, as well as lunges and jumps. It is not necessary to do all 100 squats at once, it can be divided into 2-3 calls. Squats should be deep, feet planted firmly on the floor.

Raise straight legs lying on stomach(20 times).

exercise "scissors"(cross legs on weight) in a seated position, hands clasped behind the back (20 times).

Walk– normal walking in the fresh air (3-5 km).

You can choose other exercises as you like. The aim is to improve blood circulation in the lower body and not to injure yourself.

Warm baths

To improve lymphatic and blood circulation, warm baths (no more than 43 ° C) are useful. Phyto-collections of medicinal herbs that you can buy at the pharmacy should be added to the water. An additional relaxing effect also has a positive effect on the body. Take a bath for 25 minutes.

In order for the lymph and blood to circulate better in a man's body, it is recommended to regularly take warm baths. Water should not be more than 43 ° C, and the session time is a quarter of an hour. Instead of water, you can pour hot decoctions of medicinal herbs into the bathroom.

The use of baths is allowed only without increased body temperature.


The diet should be balanced, saturated with proteins, without cholesterol. It makes sense to include a handful of pumpkin seeds, fresh berries and honey in your daily diet.

Pills for the treatment of prostatitis

It is important to consider all these recommendations in combination with any therapy (including medications) prescribed by a doctor. For example, the standard treatment regimen for chronic bacterial prostatitis includes antibiotics, NSAIDs, and sometimes antidepressants.