The most effective methods for the treatment of Prostatitis folk medicine

Prostatitis is called an inflammatory process of the prostate. He is accompanied by severe pain, discomfort during intercourse, the full blocking of the outflow of urine or difficult urination. Cure disease of middle and advanced stage without consulting a doctor, and a thorough investigation is very difficult, almost impossible. However, at the beginning of their development deal is quite Real, and the do not drink absolutely potent medication. In this case, help is to be able to Alternative medicine.


Preparation for the treatment of Prostatitis at home

Before you take drugs with your own hands, be prepared, you need to learn about the nature of the origin of the Prostatitis. This pathology appears in the background:

  • Activity of pathogenic microorganisms in the urinary System (fungi, bacteria, and germs);
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Sub-cooling of the body;
  • wrong way of life;
  • the absence of physical activity.

Without the elimination of the basic causes of Prostatitis to cope with inflammation of the prostate gland is not work. Therefore, for 2-2,5 weeks, the man should begin contracts and sinking rates of immune-stimulants, and Vitamin and mineral complex, and only then, the resources of the traditional medicine.

In the list of simple but effective immune modulators, without a prescription to be sold, include:

  • Immunal;
  • Echinacea extract in the Form of an alcoholic tincture;
  • Amiksin;
  • Immunity.

Vitamin-Mineral complexes are selected for personal reasons. The main thing is to pay attention to your composition. They contain potassium, Magnesium, vitamins C, B and D, phosphorus, and iron. It is exactly these substances are useful to the male body and promote the rapid elimination of the inflammatory process.

Treatment of Prostatitis at home with the help of the methods

The Alternative medicine offers a lot of options in the fight against inflammation of the prostate gland. Some of them work slowly, but will give a stable therapeutic effect, others bring instant relief, however, requires a long and continuous recording. In advance of this or that method say about the effectiveness without a comprehensive investigation and examination is not possible. So the doctors can insist that you go first to the hospital to get a diagnosis, and only then, be treated.

To visit when a man wants to or not, and decided that Dr. to get rid of Prostatitis on your own, then he should bear in mind that, if no positive changes within 2 months stopped therapy, and an appointment to the urologist. If you are still taking medications, bring no result, then in all likelihood the usual Form of the disease in an acute or chronic.

In the following, the best resources, the proposed healer of men Prostatitis suffering. You checked the centuries, and in most cases give 100% result.


Examination by a doctor

This technique originated at the time of the ancient Sumerians, and consists in the application of medicinal plants. In the phytotherapy of it as a whole herb, as well as individual parts. They saturate in the first line of the body with nutrients, strengthens the immune system, and then start to fight with the cause of the inflammation of the prostate gland, the diseases of healing in addition to the other institutions and the prevention of colds, infectious diseases and virus.

In the treatment of Prostatitis, the plant can with your own hands, or the finished raw material, bought in the pharmacy. The effectiveness of the drugs does not change, but the healer rates you just choose the freshly picked herbs, because, according to them, they have more vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, as dry industrial processing.

Good results in the fight with inflammation in the prostate show such plants:

  • Stinging nettle;
  • Peony is;
  • Plantain;
  • lapuh;
  • Epilobium angustifolia;
  • Parsley.

A healing need, take 4 tablespoon of all of the listed herbs, pour them in an enamel pan and pour hot water (about 1 Liter). After all prowariwajetsja on low heat for half an hour, filtered and placed in a clean container is poured. In the broth add a couple of tablespoons of honey, a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint. Sugar to taste, but best to do without it.

Which means you take half a Cup 3-4 times a day, preferably on an empty stomach. Average duration of treatment – 1.5-2 months. The first improvement of well-being to noticeable in the second week of therapy.

Even healers have to offer, take 1 tablespoon of each herb and mix them. From this collection, you can decoction or Infusion. The last preparation with the application of the medical alcohol diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 3, or of food grade Glycerin (for those who are contraindicated drugs with the content of ethyl).

The collection of medicinal plants in the box is poured, there poured 0.5 liters of liquid, all mixed thoroughly and a tight lid is closed. There are drug should not be less than 10 days. According to its filtered and you have to take 10-20 ml 3 times per day at intervals of 4-5 hours.

Water applications

This type of therapy is based on the preparation of therapeutic baths for the whole body and limbs, or of the intimate Zone. For the procedure required to make a strong decoction of wormwood, chamomile, celandine, marigold or lemon balm. To 3 liters of water taken not less than 800 grams from each plant. All the components are cooked, 30-40 minutes, then prorezyvatsja and we can chill up to 40-43 degrees.

The broth in the pan, poured, filled, with hot water, a man immersed in the your up to the chest and in this Position for 15-20 min. According to him, you have to wipe and immediately go to sleep.

Another possibility is the treatment of Prostatitis, the bathrooms are foot. Before you go to sleep in the pool 1.5 L bred broth with a Liter of hot water, there by the feet of diving. Steamy and lasts until the complete cooling of the liquid. Continue on your feet warm socks and by morning not far attracted.

Still, you can of broth, you pour 3 liters of and so a lot of water in the great basin. Man get needed to the liquid to the genitals covered. The procedure takes about half an hour, when the water is cooled earlier to be on it is not worth it.


To do bath with a decoction of medicinal herbs every two days. As a stand-alone method for the therapy they are not suitable, therefore, you will combine best with other means of alternative medicine. Water to help treatments, to normalize the blood circulation in the body, the lower extremities, inflammation of the small pelvis, as well as to strengthen the immunity, because part of the nutrients in the body through the skin.

Rectal Candles

Suppositories, which are valid in the rectum, as the best means to combat the Prostatitis. You begin to act faster than their oral medications, and give long-lasting results.

Popular "outdated" method for producing rectal suppositories:

  • Ingredients – beeswax (for the basics), cocoa, pumpkin seeds are ground, the essential oil of sage, clove of garlic. First of all, you have to melt the wax (70 G). Its spread on a plate, and placed over the pot and cover with water. While it is heated, the wax melts. More to 1 TSP add real cocoa powder, 3 drops of oil of sage, a small crushed clove of garlic with a knife, and 10 G of pumpkin seeds, dried and ground in a coffee grinder. All the components are mixed, the elongated candles, pouring, place in the fridge to develop. The finished suppositories in the Anus administered 1 time per day before sleep. Be treated, so 1 to 2 months;
  • 150 G of natural Butter mixed with honey and a teaspoon of onion juice. From the resulting mass of the candle to form solidification of 1-2 cm, and send in the refrigerator. Suppositories daily overnight. Duration of treatment – up to 1.5 months. Treat candles made from Butter must be frozen carefully. They are very fragile and when rectal introduction can break. To facilitate the operation lubricate the surface of the candle cold sunflower oil;
  • You have melted pork fat, celandine extract (without alcohol), dry nettles and orange essential oil purchase. 100 G lard heated in the metal plate. You can't melt fat, but also make it soft. In it, a pinch of ground nettle, 1/4 TSP celandine is added to the extract, half diluted with water and a few drops of the essential oil. The mixture is for 15 minutes in the refrigerator. If it begins to solidify, her candles shaped small. After their spread on parchment or plastic wrap to send for each, and cooled down again. Hardened suppositories Anal administered in the morning and before going to sleep.

Solutions for douching

Enemas infusions of medicinal plants to candles are a good Alternative, placed in the Anus. They are easy to cook and easy to apply.

Medical solutions for douching in case of Prostatitis make:

  • Aspen or oak bark;
  • daisies;
  • Berries Of Sea Buckthorn;
  • Nettle;
  • Mint;
  • Onion skins;
  • Rectal Candles
  • Wormwood;
  • marigold;
  • Rose hips;
  • Hickory Membranes.

To relieve these ingredients quickly inflammation process to strengthen locally the immune system, kills germs and bacteria.

100 G of each of the above-mentioned raw materials with hot water (350-400 ml), boil on low heat for 10 minutes, give up, and allow to cool to a comfortable temperature, then filtered, and the enema (syringe). If desired, add to the solution a little honey.

The tip of the enema injected into the rectum and pour in the rectum on the content. Further, the man should be closing to impact muscle and keep the liquid inside at least a couple of minutes.

Tun-rinses should be used daily, preferably several times a day. Quick results can get enemas in combination with baby bathtubs, candles, rectal, and/or taking oral medication against Prostatitis.


Is a way to combat the inflammation of the prostate gland. He can't cure himself of the disease, but to accelerate therapies and enhance the effect of the most important drugs is quite capable.

For compresses, as in the case of enemas, you will have the solution. Best suitable for:

  • Mother-and-stepmother;
  • Rosemary;
  • Calendula;
  • Milk Thistle;
  • Plantain;
  • Elecampane;
  • Celandine;
  • Eucalyptus (leaves or tincture);
  • Horsetail.

100 G of each plant, fresh or dried, boiled in 500 ml of water. The liquid is filtered, into your wet saw Marley (approximately 20x10 cm) cut. Towel easy to wring out and apply to the perineum, squeezing tight underwear.

Decoction of oats

Take the compress when it has cooled down. Procedure daily before going to bed. The bedding should not be wet under cloth or an additional folded bed guard sheet.

Other Folk remedies treatment of Prostatitis in men

If the above ways of relieving the pronounced inflammation in the prostate, no concrete results or the effect of their use is weak, try the following recipes:

  • Oats (300 grams) is poured 500 ml of water and about an hour and half cooked. After the liquid is filtered, mixed with cinnamon and garlic (3-4 cloves). A very unpleasant taste of the medicine, but it helps to ease the pain syndrome, to strengthen the immune system and for a short time to get rid of Prostatitis. The finished mixture you can drink a tablespoon 3-4 times a day before every meal. The treatment takes no longer than a month;
  • 1 tablespoon bee wax and dead bees (dead insects) mixed with a glass or sunflower oil contained in the olive oil and heated it on the stove. The extract of the bees for compresses used to the enclosed dam, contain fat in rectal suppositories together with molten pig or bees wax;
  • In a glass of boiling water 2 teaspoons of mustard powder is diluted. In the resulting mixture of gauze, wetted place four times applied to and between the testicles and the Anus. Clean the compress is then necessary, if the cool down starts. Recover from Prostatitis will not work, but light-beige lotions well accelerated, to accelerate the blood, for the relief of the signs of inflammation, and several times the process of integrated therapy;
  • The simplest, but most effective variant of the combat the Prostatitis – the use of rosehip tea with lemon, mint and cinnamon. The fruits of the plant are crushed in a meat grinder, pour the boiling water, put in a kyusu slice of citrus fruit, a few leaves of mint and spice. A good couple of hours and hot is 2-3 times of the day. Drink freshly prepared.
Vospalenie Prostate

The role of prevention in the treatment of Prostatitis

They treat the inflammation of the prostate without prophylactic measures – 100% guarantee that the disease after some time. So, in addition to taking medications, and immune-modulating, the man is obligated to health care and to do so, the disease disturbed. The following rules must be observed:

  • Protect the body from hypothermia and overheating. The strong fluctuations of the ambient temperature have a negative impact on the condition of the body;
  • In the menu, fresh fruit should appear, Can, juices, meat and Protein-rich foods;
  • Activity – no collateral stagnant processes in the pelvic area. Therefore, it is necessary to walk more, to do every morning to charge or run in the Park before going to bed;
  • Bad habits, such as Smoking, drug abuse, or alcoholism, not only in the location, the symptoms of Prostatitis, but usually worsen the health of the man. In order to accelerate the therapy, and for always forget about serious diseases, it is necessary to abandon them and start to lead a healthy life style.

Also needed to your doctor regularly and follow his / her recommendations. The constant observation by the doctors helps to identify pathology and to fight.