The symptoms of Prostatitis in men, the treatment and the prophylaxis

Signs of Prostatitis in ultrasound

Prostatitis in men has different symptoms, everything depends on the Form of the disease. The inflammatory process in the tissue of the prostate arises from several reasons. Blame it on viruses, bacteria and even chronic diseases such as tuberculosis and Pyelonephritis can.

Some forms of the disease are rare, other more common diagnosed. There is a so-called General symptoms, but not to understand, at the time of classification so easy.

What is Prostatitis and its classification is

Prostatitis is an inflammatory disease, for various reasons. The inflammatory process affects the tissue of the prostate, characterized by unpleasant symptoms and can be a consequence of tuberculosis, alcoholism, or obesity.

Types of Prostatitis known doctors:

  1. Acute bacterial – this type of disease is very rare and characterized by an acute and pronounced symptoms. Requires an in-patient treatment under the supervision of a specialist, can be the cause of the Sepsis or septic shock.
  2. Chronic bacterial disease often proceeds without pronounced symptoms, but in some cases there are certain signs of acute Prostatitis type.
  3. Chronic (non-bacterial) — develops on the background of the neuromuscular infectious diseases or arises as a result of inflammatory processes in the body over a longer period of time. All of the factors, to install the to the development of the inflammation, the doctors, and it is not managed.
  4. Asymptomatic (asimptomaticheskiy the), possibly as an epiphenomenon of the disease, develops quickly, but specific symptoms has. Signs of inflammation are mild. In some cases, the disease requires no treatment and the root causes, even after the removal.
  5. Chronic granulomatous arises on the background of Substitution of tissue of the prostate gland outgrowths of connective tissue with granules in the interior. This granular foci of necrosis can be. The disease develops as a complication after a surgical intervention on the organs of the small pelvis, or as a result of an infectious process, flows into the tissues.

Classification in the Detail

Forms of Prostatitis can also be led to a different classification, according to the type of pathogen to the development of inflammation:

Nature of the disease Pathogens Other Information
Bacterial Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, streptococci, staphylococci. Bacteria in the tissue of the prostate with lymph and blood flow.
Gonorrheal Gonococci. The infection occurs through unprotected sexual contact.
Viral Herpes simplex virus, cytomegalovirus, human papilloma virus. The greatest danger of the disease is that the cells of the Virus is actively multiplying and the cells of the surrounding organs can hit.
Tuberculous Koch's Bacillus. This type of infection is dangerous to treat because it's hard, occurs as a concomitant disease active within the main tuberculosis.
Fungal infections Fungi of the genus Candida. Developed against the backdrop of the admission of antibiotics, or after unprotected sexual contact with a woman with thrush.
Mixed 2 type of infection. Extremely rare and can be a result of infection of 2 species of bacteria.
Calculous nature of the disease stands alone, it occurs because of the formation in the tissues of the prostate, concrements (stones), they cause the development of the inflammatory process.

The woman man, different bacteria can infect. The infection occurs in the time of the unprotected PA. The pregnancy of the female partner increases the risk of infection during this time, the women have developed to the weakening of immunity is often thrush, and they, in turn, is the cause of fungal Prostatitis.

Signs and symptoms

The first Symptom of Prostatitis – it is a pain that occurs in the period when the water and carries the growing growing compression of the ureter.

A variety of symptoms of Prostatitis in men

The main features of the Prostatitis:

  • Problems in the intimate sphere;
  • Discharge from the urethra (in rare cases, all depends on the type of the disease);
  • Pain when urinating;
  • frequent urge;
  • increased body temperature, and General signs of intoxication.

The symptoms of Prostatitis in men respond to the growing character. Gradually, the swelling of the tissue of the prostate increases. It increases in volume, increases with increasing pain and symptoms more intense.

Signs of acute and chronic Prostatitis

So, what is the manifestation of Prostatitis acute Form of the flow, the description of the symptoms:

  1. Fever up to 38 degrees and above.
  2. The appearance of the secretions from the urethra.
  3. Increasing pain in the area of the groin.
  4. Frequent and painful urination.
  5. Problems with the erection.

Often, the symptoms spontaneously, it grows and may be due to a deterioration of the General condition of the patients: loss of appetite, General weakness, malaise and apathy.

What signs are typical for the chronic course of the disease type:

  • Complaints to the erection;
  • recurrent pain in the groin, abdomen, scrotum or even the Perineum;
  • Difficulty urinating.

In the chronic Form of the symptoms of Prostatitis in men, weak words, they occur at regular intervals. Disturbs the man from time to time. But under adverse conditions, symptoms intensified, problems with erection and urination.

Cause of the disease

The causes of Prostatitis in men are varied inflammatory process in the tissue, develops on the background:

  • Non-compliance with the rules of personal Hygiene;
  • sexual contact with a woman, the contagious nature of the disease;
  • systematic hypothermia;
  • chronic Pyelonephritis, or tuberculosis.

The causes of the disease are often associated with the presence in the organism of a human infectious agent. Chronic inflammation, when no adequate therapy developed gradually and penetrates into the surrounding tissues.

The causes of Prostatitis in young:

  • Stress, poor diet, lack of vitamins;
  • Abstinence is wearing long;
  • Promiscuity with different women;
  • heavy physical stress (weight lifting).

In spite of the fact that the causes of Prostatitis to wear a different character, according to urologists, there is a risk of group, the are people:

  1. Advanced Age.
  2. With reduced immunity.
  3. Leading a sedentary lifestyle.
  4. Perpetrators of alcoholic beverages.

Chronic diseases of the systematic use of alcohol, indiscriminate sexual contacts – all this can be a reason of the development of the inflammatory process. But if you regularly complete surveys, urologist visits and exams, then you can not encounter with this disease never.

The diagnosis of the disease

Methods of diagnostics of a Prostatitis

The diagnosis of Prostatitis is proceeding in several phases, it contains:

  • Medical history (description of symptoms plague the patients);
  • the implementation of the sonography of the pelvic organs (prostate, kidney, and ureters);
  • Urine analysis (General, clinical, after netschiporenko, the daily serving, and bacterial seed);
  • Smear from the urethra to the micro-flora;
  • palpatory examination;
  • the analysis of the blood on Elisa;
  • excretory urography (is in force toxicity method and the presence of contraindications).

The most important method of diagnosis is a comprehensive investigation to identify and eliminate the root cause of the disease.

Treatment methods

The treatment of Prostatitis in men begins with the alleviation of inflammation and reducing the intensity of unpleasant symptoms. It can take place in several stages and include:

  • Taking antibiotics;
  • Implementation of physiotherapy treatments;
  • the intake of diuretics, vitamins and immune modulators.

As for the treatment of Prostatitis in men, and especially what the doctor has to say. Since everything here depends on the cause of the inflammation and the severity of the symptoms.

Tablets from Prostatitis be conditionally divided into several groups:

  • Anti-inflammatories;
  • Anti-infectives;
  • Vitamins and stimulants of the immune system.

Prescribe antibiotics in any case, but to patients, to prescribe such drugs, the physician must be confident in the delivered diagnosis.

Drugs will take the course in 2-3 weeks. To increase the duration of the therapy. But if the antibiotics will not be a healthy influence on the body of the patient, the therapy changed.

Prostate Massage method to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. It is use to the Stagnation in the prostate gland and as a Supplement to the primary therapy.

Massage is most effective during the acute illness. It helps to rid the prostate of accumulated in her secret, which through the urethra removal of pathogenic microorganisms. It helps the effect of antibiotics, enhance and shorten the duration of the treatment.

What physio can assign therapeutic applications:

  • Laser Treatment;
  • Preheating;
  • Ultrasound Phonophoresis;
  • diadynamophoresis.

As a Prostatitis dangerous if left untreated

Dangerous the biggest danger of the disease is men's health Prostatitis, and for what? The thing is, that the inflammation develops rapidly, it "grabs" the tissue of the prostate and if the disease is not treated, it can cause:

  1. chronic infertility;
  2. fibrotic changes in the tissues;
  3. Impotence (with a probability of up to 45%);
  4. chronic diseases of the kidneys and other surrounding organs.

As dangerous Prostatitis in the case of incorrectly chosen therapy:

  • In the absence of treatment, the inflammatory process can become chronic;
  • To the development of the adenoma of the prostate;
  • Problems with the erection.

On the background of the long power-inflammation of the reason for the intoxication, the characters, the only complicate the health of the patient and the course of the disease intensify.

Prevention of Prostatitis at home

Prevention of Prostatitis is reduced to the simple rules:

  • the observance of personal Hygiene;
  • the use of antiseptics after the unprotected PA;
  • Tightening of the sexual life;
  • Correction of a diet (in the nutrition of meat, it is rich in proteins).

And also prevention of Prostatitis in men, intake of certain medications can include:

  1. Vitamins and minerals;
  2. immune stimulants;
  3. Diuretics of plant origin.

Preventive methods will help prevent the development of the inflammatory process, but do not lose vigilance.

Not to treat in front of Prostatitis value, colds and viral diseases.

Inflammation of the prostate is a dangerous disease that can cause serious complications. Therefore, the occurrence of unpleasant symptoms as quickly as possible to urologu should, this allows the prevention of severe complications: impotence, infertility.