The prevention of Prostatitis

Prevention of Prostatitis in men — the need, the affected today because of 30 to 50% of the representatives of the stronger sex one way or another by this disease.

General preventive measures are divided into:

  • to prevent primary with the aim of is the occurrence of Prostatitis;
  • secondary, specially for those who reveals is a disease, and who is not required to prevent the transition to a chronic Phase.
the man doing the exercise on the floor

Primary prevention of Prostatitis

Often Prostatitis provoke stagnant processes in the prostate. It is not good enough washed by the blood itself, and, therefore, poorly supplied with oxygen. This leads to a deterioration of the function of the prostate gland. So men are forced to spend a lot of time in a sitting position, with large risks. For the prevention of Prostatitis, you should perform the exercise. Promote the blood circulation, resulting in improved muscle tone of the prostate, for the normalization of the secretory activity.

The easiest exercise you can do for the prevention of Prostatitis is the shortening of the muscles of the Anus. To get a better understanding of what muscles it is, have to be driven to the water to delay the time, in the height. This voltage causes a certain group of muscles. Just should you regularly make the effort to the blood flow in the gland.

For starters, you can try a series of 10 contractions. It is only at first glance seems to be easy. From the fact that the muscles are not formed, problems can arise. You need to make a rule and do the day 5 times and 30 cuts, for example, during washing, on the way home or to work. If the exercises cause discomfort, can be a approach to perform up to 100 cuts.

This is just one of the exercises that you need to do prevention of Prostatitis in men. Offered his degree cone. In addition, there are many other exercises, the blood circulation to the organ in question.

For example, for the prevention of Prostatitis can:

  • jump;
  • Squats;
  • to step wide with the feet;
  • "Birch";
  • "Bicycle".

Exercises, walking can be supplemented. And you do this more often. Men who Hiking, are hardly suffering from Prostatitis. Minimal "distance", the man instead of for the prophylaxis of Prostatitis — 4 km per day.

What are the physical exercises Supplement?


Primary prevention of Prostatitis in men, is suspected, other methods, such as contrast showers, in the crotch area. Such a procedure is very well increase blood flow in the gland. It will be very easy. In the step, the flow of water from the shower and at regular intervals, its temperature is: 30 — second warm, almost hot water, for 15 seconds — cooling, room temperature changes. The procedure should not take longer than 5 minutes. You do best to sleep.

Prostate Massage

Very useful for the prevention of Prostatitis in men Massage the crotch area. You can make it a better lie. You need to tap the small area between the Anus and scrotum (closer to Anus). Under the scrotum to the pelvic bone is located. In this area, where it ends, and you have to make an effort, but not excessively. Massage should go for 4-5 minutes, best in the evening after a cold shower before bed. These methods give a good blood circulation in the prostate. And when you do they are constantly, Prostatitis can be avoided.

Constant Sex Life

An important role for the health of the people and thus for the prevention of Prostatitis, has Sex. The frequency, but also the sexual life influence on the state of the prostate directly. But in the Extreme not to go: indiscriminate sexual contacts are an additional source of infection. A negative impact on the health of the prostate is reflected, and the long abstinence, the deliberate delay or interruption of the act. Therefore, a perfect choice for the prevention of Prostatitis in men, is the measured is regular Sex with a regular Partner.

Proper nutrition

Reduces the likelihood of diseases, Prostatitis, and healthy diet. If you want to avoid excessive high-calorie and spicy foods, to diversify a diet, have the disease is not more "loopholes" in order to penetrate into the body. In the menu of every man present in vegetables, fruits, pumpkin seeds, seafood, garlic, walnuts need to be. The use of alcoholic beverages (beer, to minimize especially). To not recommend and excessive consumption of coffee. To avoid under-cooling. Men should not bathe in cold water or sit in a cold shelter.

Secondary prevention of Prostatitis

But if the disease could not yet be avoided, then after recovery you have to think about the secondary prevention of Prostatitis. It includes the following activities:

  1. Taking medications;
  2. Regular visits to the doctor-urologu, regardless of whether clinical symptoms of the disease are present or not;
  3. A regular survey of 1 times in 3 months (it is recommended that in the first year, after which it was carried out, the complex treatment). In the next 3 years, urologists should visit 1 time in the year;
  4. After 40 years, a man absolutely must do an ultrasound of the prostate.

Prevention of chronic Prostatitis some drugs only by a doctor assigned. To do their registration on a regular basis. For the prevention of Prostatitis medicines, which influence on metabolism in the prostate gland and correctors urodynamics are. In the case of the inflammatory Genesis of the disease of inflammation be appointed-inflammatory drugs, whose action is directed selectively to the improvement of the condition of the prostate gland exactly. The intake of antiviral medications warns infectious Prostatitis nature. In the presence of a history of bacterial Prostatitis Patient has an anti-biotic medication. For the prophylaxis of Prostatitis is appointed and dietary supplements. They stimulate the blood circulation to the prostate gland, prevents the inflammation.

Special line to mark prostate massage. It is not only a treatment method but also a method for the prevention of Prostatitis. At its core, Massage is a mechanical effect, is very similar to by means of Palpation in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. During the Massage of the nerve endings and vasodilation comes to irritation. This leads to the improvement of the blood circulation of the body, the more intensive inflow of nutrients and oxygen. The result is the acceleration of the recovery processes would be. Massage course includes 8 to 10 treatments. They are held in by the day. In General, after the 5 session, there were positive results. Again a course about 3 weeks after the completion of the first. He needed to consolidate the result.

And another important point: the Prostatitis is one of the most dangerous and most common diseases in men, which also the older and the middle age category. Therefore, preventive measures for prevention of the disease must not postpone. This applies especially to those men who have a sedentary lifestyle, prone to Stress and hypothermia.