TOP-16 of the best remedies for Prostatitis

Men of different ages meet Prostatitis – serious and common disease, significantly aggravating the quality of life. Its causes Haufe, and Stress, and improper diet, and various infections. Remedy for Prostatitis empirically selected, after consultation with the attending physician. Effective drugs invented a huge amount, you will be in the Form of capsules, tablets, suppositories, injection solutions.

How does Prostatitis

Prostatitis – is a purely male disease, which affects the prostate. The latest is located near the beginning of the urethra, below the urinary bladder, in the standard has a diameter of up to three centimeters. It produces a special secret, which is responsible for the viability of the sperm. If an Organ is inflamed, problems with urination (pain, cramping, burning), ejaculation, reduced orgasm, a General decrease in the vitality. The older the person is, the greater the likelihood of the disease. Only Prostatitis sick of 9 to 16% of the total number of all adult men.

There are four main categories for this disease:

  • acute;
  • chronic bacterial;
  • chronic pelvic pain syndrome (with or without signs of inflammation are);
  • asymptomatic;
  • chronic granulomatous.

In Parallel with Prostatitis, watching doctors frequently in patients Urethritis, in elderly people with benign prostatic found hyperplasia. The disease can be a severe Form of impotence, infertility. Itself should not get involved, because the "current" cases they lead to serious consequences for the entire organism. Professional treatment, the County hospital, cheap and effective, if the disease barely has an effect.

The earlier the treatment is begun, the greater the Chance of a full recovery of disturbed functions. In the case of suspected illness, you must call a specialist.

Signs, Symptoms, Causes

Reasons for the development of Prostatitis is not very much, but doctors divide them into two conventional groups:

Signs, symptoms, causes of Prostatitis
  • infectious – it "stagnant" Option, the way of life from lack of exercise (sedentary), the General or the seasonal decline in immunity. The abuse of alcohol, tobacco products, drugs, certain strong medications can also be a cause of the disease. Prolonged abstinence, especially in adulthood, such as excessively active sex life, sometimes the "trigger" for the disease;
  • Infections caused due to sexually transmitted infections (STI). In the tissue of the prostate, various germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi penetrate, causing the inflammatory process. The main source of the infection can and other places. In the case of chronic tonsillitis, Sinusitis, complicated caries, infections of the kidneys, inflammation of, after operations on the organs of the peritoneum and of the small pelvis often occurs in such a disease.

The main symptoms are different according to the power, the pain in the groin area, the urethra, the suprapubic area, scrotum, Penis, of the loin. At the same time burn present can, discomfort during urination, delayed ejaculation. Reasons for the development of injuries of the abdomen, the damage to the nerve endings in the vicinity of the pelvis, sexual organs, poor blood circulation, flow of lymph, hormones (lack of Androgen), as well as severe forms of Beriberi, the daily Stress situations. The causative agent of infection, a patient is most often detectable Escherichia coli, Enterococcus, Proteus, Klebsiella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Presumably, the reason for the Prostatitis to be able to chlamydia, Streptococcus, Mycoplasma, staphylococci. In extremely rare cases, rod cook, Treponema pallidum, and others.

In the treatment of Prostatitis are very different drugs – both in price and in the convenience of taking, duration of the treatment cycle. Doctors recommend that "proven" drugs is not generally known and the new, supposedly effective, but, in fact, is useless. Reviews means against the diseases of the prostate are often published on health Websites.

Tablets from Prostatitis

Tablets from Prostatitis to come:

  • Anti-inflammatory – aim at the elimination of the inflammation and pain of the prostate;
  • Antibacterial – effective in case of bacterial origin of the disease; only with a prescription, after performing the analyses on the determination of the pathogen;
  • Medications to improve the blood circulation often the cause of the inflammation will help a Stagnation in the small pelvis area, and similar means to establish the flow of blood; in addition, they facilitate the entrance in the area of the infection with antibiotics and other medications;
  • Antispasmodics – eliminates the spasm of the smooth muscles, to the creation of the urge to urinate;
  • Hormonal – the blocking of the synthesis of testosterone contribute, because the hormone tissue growth stimulates;
  • Vitamins strengthen the immune system and normalizes the state of health of a patient in General.

The selection of the appropriate means, you need a diagnosis, the cause of the pathology, their shape.